Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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On a previous post I did a profile on CASH as an artist, his ambitions, his achievements and who he is personally.

On this post I review 3 of his tracks found on his ReverbNation page Here.

First one up is Turn You On ft Joelle (produced by KZo). This track I must say I liked the most with an RnB sound the production is quite good. The vocals are well done and the flow is coherent, the hook is quite catchy and I love the way it's all put together including the pause before the last hook.
Overall the track is good, personally it ended quite abruptly and I found myself sitting in silence before I noticed the track is finished.

Second one up is They Know (produced by Black Pistol + KZo). The vernac mix won the hook on this one is cool, adds a bit of flavor to the track. I found the vocal sound to be a tad bit overwhelming, The beat production is good (when you mute out the vocals in your head). The ending was nicely done though and overall this is a nice track even though it came off a bit too 'Loud" (too much) with the vocal + beat sound.

Third and last one up is He No Easy ft K9 and Sexy (produced by KZo). From the onset I knew this song had to have a relatable feel to it or at least a certain familiarity about it that would make it easier to listen to and from the track name yo kinda get an idea. The verses are well put and relevant to the track and they're coherent to the beat and flow. The melody is okay although the hook/chorus came off a bit weak or rather not as expected compared to the verses. Overall the track gels pretty well even though I wished for a stronger/more relevant hook.

Let me know what you think, comment below.

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