Thursday, August 12, 2010

...::: Eye-G :::...

Eye-G a hiphop/rap group in South Africa that I firstly found to have animpressive group image and presentation, shows the effort they've put in into the group as a brand.

Was listening to one of their songs 'Meteor' and I expected something a tad bit chaotic (no offence to the group) but what I heard was utterly impressive. The beat was great and I feel related well to vocal and content as well as the way this was all presented and put together to make the track.

The only hurdle I had was that the beat volume seemed to overshadow the lyrical content whereby some words sounded a bit like whispers.

Overall, I really liked it, very refreshing to say the least. Group effort was evident and it all come together beautifully. In fact it's groups like these that deserve the recognition so holla at their FaceBook group Here

Also download this track Here

Monday, August 9, 2010

...::: P'the Parker :::...

A couple of weeks ago I did a review on the mixtape 'Excuse Me' by The Konsept and Vuittots and I received an interesting comment on it but that's not the whole point of this post in particular.

PoetX or P-X has a track called 'Fcuk Green Goblin(Spiderman)' and with a title track like that I was immediately interested. Listening to the track I wasn't quite satisfied with what I got until a certain line toward the end hit me...

I'll let all of you listen and comment on it.

Download Track Here