Saturday, July 24, 2010

...::: Menzi Explicit :::...

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Ok so I was on Twitter minding my own biznizzz when @CoolKidMenzi mentioned he was going to be on @HarmonixEnt's show on so I decided to listen, you know how curiosity is. When I finally got to here his music I was in shock at first because initially he seemed like a HipHop type DJ you know? (don't ask why) but anyway what I was hearing was not only House music but it was really good House music and its his own stuff.

Listen here:

Now I know there's a difference between 'being able to mix other peoples music at a party' Dj and 'Making your own compilation' Dj and both should be appreciated differently but I especially give props to making your own music and this was something else indeed even though it was just samples. I had to ask him for his item just to post for all of you, so you can hear what I'm writing about.

Now I can't wait for an album... I hope there's an album... Please let there be an album coming...

Download sample here:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

...::: Chilz :::...

Owner of 7LW7LYZ (Alwayz) ENTERTAINMENT and producer of 'Multi-Genric' music.

Chilz is a box full of talent with a video that premiered on MTV in Aug '09 (see it here: and an album out called A World at War, but thats not what this blog post is about.

"First Breath", he's own specialized genre of music, so he tells me, is breath taking. At first listen It has a bit of RnB but there's some House and Elektro..... infact, it actually is his own genre.
He gave me the instrumentals to listen to so I had time to really appreciate the effort that went into making the beats. The sample consistes of just 5 instrumental tracks, namely Globe Dreamin', Push, S.T.A.R, Take My Breath Away and Treat You Better all produced by him.

All 5 of these tracks have a similar aspect to them but are different in style, the similar aspect being the theme of the instrumentals i.e. First Breath. Take My Breath Away in particular littary does what it says... One of the best one's I've heard from him so far.
Listen Here:

Download sample here:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

..:: Die Antwoord vs Jack Parow ::..

The revolution of Afrikaans music. This genre of music is known to be the least favorite, enjoyed by preference which meant it had a small following and only specific radio stations aired it. Many people hardly knew the artists or latest hits to say the least.

Enter Die Antwoord...

Listen Here:

This group totally revolutionalized afrikaans music and the 'interweb' as they call it. Many of their music videos have been uploaded on YouTube with majority of the lyrics being vulgar AND in afrikaans but also very humorous. The song titles range from "Enter the Ninja", "Wat kyk jy?" & "Wat pomp julle" to "Zef side" and "wie maak die jol vol"

Check Out Their website for more infoand videos...

Cooler as Ek...

Then we have Jack Parow of 'Cooler as ek' fame, a very hilarious song in afrikaans which everyone seemed to like. Major radio stations such as Yfm (which I never thought would actually playlist such) play that song till this day. The best lines of the song for me are: "Jy dink jy's cooler as ekke want jy rook Yves Saint Laurent sigarette" & "Jy dink jy's cooler as ek want jy's elke jaar by die J&B Met"

Catch him on MySpace for info and audio streaming...

So who really best represents die NEW skool of Afrikaans music?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

...::: Deuces Video :::...

The minute I heard the song Deuces by Chris Brown ft Tyga and Kevin McCall i started wondering... "who exactly is this song about?" seems like I wasn't the only one who was curious, in fact many have concluded that it's dedicated to Rihanna (his ex girlfriend, in case you were living in a hue rock all this time).

Besides that fact, the song really is great and his collaboration with Tyga really brought out the best in him, even though I'm not so enthusiastic about Chris' rapping on other songs he shares with Tyga.

The video I totally loved, the black & white as well as the simplistic theme does the video justice and of course the dancing, which I personally thought was a tad bit too much as he practically danced to everything but then again it is Chris Brown...

Watch It Here...