Monday, September 13, 2010

...::: The Dutchman Chronicles :::...

So I've been nagging Michael Kanyama aka "DuTch" to send me a sample of his art so I could share the amazing talent that he is known for especially when it comes to the illest beat production. Under the name The Dutchman Chronicles a fan page on facebook where he illustrates his skill in some of his works with other artists inclusive of his own but one track particularly chosen to be put up on the blog is called Techno Luvin, Featuring Andre ( Tapiwa Chinyanda) Nadia Nakai Kandava and Tags Produced by Dutch himself and Tags

Both Personally and Professionally I could mention alot of things that impressed me about the track especially the collaboration and overall theme of the song not to mention the quality of the sound and the actual beat. Very catchy hook I must say, definately on that international standard of music with capabilities of improvement.

To keep things objective, I'll let you listen and comment or give an opinion...
Download the track Here.

Visit Facebook official Fan Page The Dutchman Chronicles

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