Wednesday, August 4, 2010

...::: DJ Zinhle :::...

DJ Zinhle also known as The Church Lady herself is an inspiration not only to other female DJ's but also Females who intend on  pursuing careers in field that are known to be male dominated. She has completely pushed open this particular field of work in not only her own personal success but also through FUSE Academy the first female DJ school in South Africa which aims at developing female brand amongst other young girls who dream of becoming DJ's through giving the right skills and training.

Not only is she the freshest female DJ on and off the decks but she's also ambitious and hardcore, I believe. Her personal style is one that I admire with her own personal brand being The Feminine Touch descriptive of all that she is as well as a clothing shop called Spotlight Clothing Shop, no not a place where only celebrities are allowed to shop. It's a boutique whereby local celebrity brands like t-shirts are showcased and sold e.g Dankie San by Pro Kid, HHP by HHP and many more. The shop is located on 4th Avenue in Melville, Johannesburg.

So if you still don't know who she is by now I suggest you watch her latest video an absolute favorite featuring David Kau and Chris Mapane

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  1. I Like, That Sample Track you put there is nice, been wondering who's it is for some time now...