Monday, August 30, 2010

...::: Black Money :::...

Mainly consisting of Ntha-C, Mo, Lwazi and Q, Black Money "represents a new & innovative era in the pursuit and production of impeccable and quality hip-hop music and a lifestyle associated with the hip-hop culture" a quote from their website.

A recent performance that I was able to attend was at Latinova for the Kings of Swag: 1st Anniversary which was on friday the 13th...
I liked how they interacted with the crowed as well as how they owned the stage. The hype created was good especially with the ladies and free items *lol*
The songs they performed were WTF, Hot new thing, Everyone knows & How? of which are some material on their upcoming mixtape, which I'll be looking out for of course. The track I liked the most icluding it's performance and crowd reaction was WTF, It actually had me going WTF? on the real. Unfortunately I couldn't get ahold of a sample track for you so you'll have to take my word for it.
All in all it wasn't at all a bad performance, look forward to an improved one and their mixtape.

Check the website out Here

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