Friday, July 30, 2010

...::: Locnville :::...

With a genre of music they call 'Electro-Hop', Locnville have taken South Africans by storm. The duo of twins Andrew and Brian Chaplin established in Cape Town 2009 released an album called Sun In My Pocket with the first single out being the title track.
Of course a few people where pretty sceptical towards the duo themselves and their type of music, some still are, but I find that it's something totally different and new. We're always asking artists to be innovative and come up with new concepts but how about a new genre? still not happy?

Well Firstly I suggest you take a listen to their music, buy the album. Secondly attend one of their shows, the next one being on the 6th of August at Carnival City, Big Top Arena, Johannesburg or the Grand Arena in Cape Town and Thirdly take a chill pill.

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