Friday, July 16, 2010

..:: Excuse Me ::..

Yal Ent. Presents 'Excuse Me' By The Konsept and Mr. Vuittots

So I was listening to the 19 tracks + intro and outro that are included in this mixtape and at first i asked myself "why the hell is he rapping over American beats?" so i pretty much responded to every single track that way.
Then I got that 'aha!' moment when i decide to listen again this time focusing more on the rap abilities of the artist and how he was able to flow to a different and already used beat.
Although this does not really prove originality but it promotes skill and rap capacity as well as versatility and so i based my review on those reasons.

Let me start with the Rude Boy remake. Firstly, the singing really threw me off a little but the rap made a recovery and I feel that there should have been more of that in it.
I personally loved the Interlude, as short as it was, in fact I wish it was a full track the beat and what The Konsept could have have brought would've been too ill.
I loved track 9- Konsept is back, the flow and the fusion of his rap into the Nicki Minaj- massive Attack beat i feel he did really great.
Listen here:

Overall there where disadvantages due to high expectation that one may have regarding the beat used but judging by the lyrical content and combined flow, The Konsept has that rap versatility and should really include that as well as creativity in his next mixtape.

Listen for yourself... Download the mixtape here:



    Wow... I must say I'm totally disagree with your review, with all due respect. I've heard way better rappers, one in particular, Poet-X. Here's a beat he flipped, that Konsept failed to uphold:

    Plus! P-X is a cute lookin' hunk too.

  2. hahahahahaha aite taken... I'll have a listen yeah

  3. AbbyPhiri, this one is specially for you and your "Hunk" P-X.