Monday, July 26, 2010

...::: DJ Fresh :::...

I have never seen nor met a DJ or any kind of celebrity in South Africa as successful yet humbled and ambitious as this man. Real name Thato Sikwane but best known as DJ Fresh is the best thing to ever hit S.A House and I know many will agree with me on that. I believe he pioneered the success of this genre and paved the way for many up-and-coming DJ's. Fresh has played amongst other vinyl giants such as Louie Vega, Viny Da Vinci and Ready D with his 13 album to his name and amazing destinations that he's played at like Miami, London, Moscow, Dubai etc.

My all-time favorite DJ Fresh track out of all the classics, club bangers and just too fresh mixes and tracks that he's had Summer Daze has to be the Ultimate best in my eyes/ears. I loved it back in primary school when DJ Fresh was the only DJ we knew, I loved it in high school when we snuck out the house to go party and hearing them play that song would make the hiding worth it and I still love it throughout varsity as it holds so many memories that even pictures couldn't portray and I truly believe that's what his music does.

This post was written entirely as a dedication to DJ Fresh's major contribution to House in S.A as we know it.
Which reminds me of what he said when I asked to post something on him and I happened to refer to him as a legend, he said "I hardly think that I am a legend! Not yet at least :-)"

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