Saturday, July 24, 2010

...::: Menzi Explicit :::...

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Ok so I was on Twitter minding my own biznizzz when @CoolKidMenzi mentioned he was going to be on @HarmonixEnt's show on so I decided to listen, you know how curiosity is. When I finally got to here his music I was in shock at first because initially he seemed like a HipHop type DJ you know? (don't ask why) but anyway what I was hearing was not only House music but it was really good House music and its his own stuff.

Listen here:

Now I know there's a difference between 'being able to mix other peoples music at a party' Dj and 'Making your own compilation' Dj and both should be appreciated differently but I especially give props to making your own music and this was something else indeed even though it was just samples. I had to ask him for his item just to post for all of you, so you can hear what I'm writing about.

Now I can't wait for an album... I hope there's an album... Please let there be an album coming...

Download sample here:


  1. Yup thats what i thought at first too, thought his hip hop... but he actually makes nice house music..

    U going places Boi!!!
    Just make sure u market yourself well, esp online, myspace etc...u can never know...

    Big up Skheberesh:)

  2. He was Playing at The Bank Last Saturday, i was impressed! He's actually quite good!! Big Ups!