Thursday, July 22, 2010

...::: Chilz :::...

Owner of 7LW7LYZ (Alwayz) ENTERTAINMENT and producer of 'Multi-Genric' music.

Chilz is a box full of talent with a video that premiered on MTV in Aug '09 (see it here: and an album out called A World at War, but thats not what this blog post is about.

"First Breath", he's own specialized genre of music, so he tells me, is breath taking. At first listen It has a bit of RnB but there's some House and Elektro..... infact, it actually is his own genre.
He gave me the instrumentals to listen to so I had time to really appreciate the effort that went into making the beats. The sample consistes of just 5 instrumental tracks, namely Globe Dreamin', Push, S.T.A.R, Take My Breath Away and Treat You Better all produced by him.

All 5 of these tracks have a similar aspect to them but are different in style, the similar aspect being the theme of the instrumentals i.e. First Breath. Take My Breath Away in particular littary does what it says... One of the best one's I've heard from him so far.
Listen Here:

Download sample here:

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