Tuesday, July 6, 2010

AKA- 24.7.366 EP

Okay kids, an EP stands for Extended Play which is usually released before a full album just to give the fans a taste of what is coming. Now you know...

Real name Kiernan he is South Africa's Best New Comer according too our very own Hiphop award ceremony, The Hype Awards. AKA is part of The I.V League the production powerhouse known to produce the illest HipHop music. He has has finally released his EP titled 24/7/366 which consits of 12 Tracks including most likely popular hit "Do It". I had a chance to listen to his work and I must say, I really am impressed. Now it wouldent be fair of me to review music without giving valid reason right? well here goes...

As a whole, the EP is Explosive! A versitile mix of different concepts/experimenting with different beats really comes together to enhance the lyrical content which is also on it's own level,from tracks such as "High School Cool" & "In My Walk" to "Cant Wait" & "Out like That" but one track that i feel everyone can relate to is "Mistakes".

I was most impressed by track 05- 'I want it all' featuring the likes of Pro and Khuli, it really has that vernec mix which is blended almost perfectly with the beat making a sick flow. This is one of the tracks you blast full volume in your car driving to the store just down the road!
Listen Here:

The standard set here is a high one and his full album should meet and surpass this.

Where to download the EP:

Where to find The I.V League:

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