Thursday, December 2, 2010

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A member of dem Crackboys, CASH is hiphop solo artist who is executively produced by KZo and are collectively known as"weboutdatcashflow" a lifestyle and a movement!

Courage Ambition Strength Hustle makes CASH,hiphop artist and producer from South Africa. Born in the city of gold, Johannesburg and raised in Mthatha,EC, CASH represents the new breed of African musicians. CASH is inspired by change and diversity and is the voice of the future.

CASH is a former member of The Pyramid (Who hit no.1 on the Metro FM National Hiphop charts with their smash hit Never be the Same in 2006-2007) and founded The Monopoly(infamous for theunderground hit Nigga Please in 2008) and also founded the rap group Dem Crackboys( Nominated for a Channel O music video award for the smash hit Izandla Phezulu in 2010).

CASH is currently working with superproducer KZo on a joint venture called #Weboutdatcashflow to be released in Nov/Dec 2010.

check out his Facebook Profile here
Downloads, performance dates and his bio are found on his webpage here 
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

...::: Open Call :::...

That Music Room has decided to open the floor to all artists that would like the blog to write-up a post on the and their music.
In the past few months that the blog has been running we have given so many other local and/or underground artist some exposure. This doesn't necessarily ensure an artists fame (especially if the artist is relying on whatever promotion we provide instead of self-exposure aswell). However, this does build an esteem and draws a crowd to your music.
That music Room aims to provide that stepping stone for non-recognized artists and expand the fanbase of Famous artists.

For those who would like to have their music featuredon the blog please email with a brief decribtion of your music and a samle downloadable track that the blog will showcase.
Spread the word and get your music out there.

Monday, September 13, 2010

...::: The Dutchman Chronicles :::...

So I've been nagging Michael Kanyama aka "DuTch" to send me a sample of his art so I could share the amazing talent that he is known for especially when it comes to the illest beat production. Under the name The Dutchman Chronicles a fan page on facebook where he illustrates his skill in some of his works with other artists inclusive of his own but one track particularly chosen to be put up on the blog is called Techno Luvin, Featuring Andre ( Tapiwa Chinyanda) Nadia Nakai Kandava and Tags Produced by Dutch himself and Tags

Both Personally and Professionally I could mention alot of things that impressed me about the track especially the collaboration and overall theme of the song not to mention the quality of the sound and the actual beat. Very catchy hook I must say, definately on that international standard of music with capabilities of improvement.

To keep things objective, I'll let you listen and comment or give an opinion...
Download the track Here.

Visit Facebook official Fan Page The Dutchman Chronicles

Monday, August 30, 2010

...::: Black Money :::...

Mainly consisting of Ntha-C, Mo, Lwazi and Q, Black Money "represents a new & innovative era in the pursuit and production of impeccable and quality hip-hop music and a lifestyle associated with the hip-hop culture" a quote from their website.

A recent performance that I was able to attend was at Latinova for the Kings of Swag: 1st Anniversary which was on friday the 13th...
I liked how they interacted with the crowed as well as how they owned the stage. The hype created was good especially with the ladies and free items *lol*
The songs they performed were WTF, Hot new thing, Everyone knows & How? of which are some material on their upcoming mixtape, which I'll be looking out for of course. The track I liked the most icluding it's performance and crowd reaction was WTF, It actually had me going WTF? on the real. Unfortunately I couldn't get ahold of a sample track for you so you'll have to take my word for it.
All in all it wasn't at all a bad performance, look forward to an improved one and their mixtape.

Check the website out Here

Thursday, August 12, 2010

...::: Eye-G :::...

Eye-G a hiphop/rap group in South Africa that I firstly found to have animpressive group image and presentation, shows the effort they've put in into the group as a brand.

Was listening to one of their songs 'Meteor' and I expected something a tad bit chaotic (no offence to the group) but what I heard was utterly impressive. The beat was great and I feel related well to vocal and content as well as the way this was all presented and put together to make the track.

The only hurdle I had was that the beat volume seemed to overshadow the lyrical content whereby some words sounded a bit like whispers.

Overall, I really liked it, very refreshing to say the least. Group effort was evident and it all come together beautifully. In fact it's groups like these that deserve the recognition so holla at their FaceBook group Here

Also download this track Here

Monday, August 9, 2010

...::: P'the Parker :::...

A couple of weeks ago I did a review on the mixtape 'Excuse Me' by The Konsept and Vuittots and I received an interesting comment on it but that's not the whole point of this post in particular.

PoetX or P-X has a track called 'Fcuk Green Goblin(Spiderman)' and with a title track like that I was immediately interested. Listening to the track I wasn't quite satisfied with what I got until a certain line toward the end hit me...

I'll let all of you listen and comment on it.

Download Track Here

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

...::: DJ Zinhle :::...

DJ Zinhle also known as The Church Lady herself is an inspiration not only to other female DJ's but also Females who intend on  pursuing careers in field that are known to be male dominated. She has completely pushed open this particular field of work in not only her own personal success but also through FUSE Academy the first female DJ school in South Africa which aims at developing female brand amongst other young girls who dream of becoming DJ's through giving the right skills and training.

Not only is she the freshest female DJ on and off the decks but she's also ambitious and hardcore, I believe. Her personal style is one that I admire with her own personal brand being The Feminine Touch descriptive of all that she is as well as a clothing shop called Spotlight Clothing Shop, no not a place where only celebrities are allowed to shop. It's a boutique whereby local celebrity brands like t-shirts are showcased and sold e.g Dankie San by Pro Kid, HHP by HHP and many more. The shop is located on 4th Avenue in Melville, Johannesburg.

So if you still don't know who she is by now I suggest you watch her latest video an absolute favorite featuring David Kau and Chris Mapane

Information courtesy of
Spotlight Clothing Store Facebook group Spotlight
Follow Miss Deejay herself on Twitter

Friday, July 30, 2010

...::: Locnville :::...

With a genre of music they call 'Electro-Hop', Locnville have taken South Africans by storm. The duo of twins Andrew and Brian Chaplin established in Cape Town 2009 released an album called Sun In My Pocket with the first single out being the title track.
Of course a few people where pretty sceptical towards the duo themselves and their type of music, some still are, but I find that it's something totally different and new. We're always asking artists to be innovative and come up with new concepts but how about a new genre? still not happy?

Well Firstly I suggest you take a listen to their music, buy the album. Secondly attend one of their shows, the next one being on the 6th of August at Carnival City, Big Top Arena, Johannesburg or the Grand Arena in Cape Town and Thirdly take a chill pill.

Check out their official website:

Follow them on Twitter:

Monday, July 26, 2010

...::: DJ Fresh :::...

I have never seen nor met a DJ or any kind of celebrity in South Africa as successful yet humbled and ambitious as this man. Real name Thato Sikwane but best known as DJ Fresh is the best thing to ever hit S.A House and I know many will agree with me on that. I believe he pioneered the success of this genre and paved the way for many up-and-coming DJ's. Fresh has played amongst other vinyl giants such as Louie Vega, Viny Da Vinci and Ready D with his 13 album to his name and amazing destinations that he's played at like Miami, London, Moscow, Dubai etc.

My all-time favorite DJ Fresh track out of all the classics, club bangers and just too fresh mixes and tracks that he's had Summer Daze has to be the Ultimate best in my eyes/ears. I loved it back in primary school when DJ Fresh was the only DJ we knew, I loved it in high school when we snuck out the house to go party and hearing them play that song would make the hiding worth it and I still love it throughout varsity as it holds so many memories that even pictures couldn't portray and I truly believe that's what his music does.

This post was written entirely as a dedication to DJ Fresh's major contribution to House in S.A as we know it.
Which reminds me of what he said when I asked to post something on him and I happened to refer to him as a legend, he said "I hardly think that I am a legend! Not yet at least :-)"

Check out his website:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

...::: Menzi Explicit :::...

Ya'll know I'm on Twitter right? If you don't, hit the button on the side bar and follow me hahaha.

Ok so I was on Twitter minding my own biznizzz when @CoolKidMenzi mentioned he was going to be on @HarmonixEnt's show on so I decided to listen, you know how curiosity is. When I finally got to here his music I was in shock at first because initially he seemed like a HipHop type DJ you know? (don't ask why) but anyway what I was hearing was not only House music but it was really good House music and its his own stuff.

Listen here:

Now I know there's a difference between 'being able to mix other peoples music at a party' Dj and 'Making your own compilation' Dj and both should be appreciated differently but I especially give props to making your own music and this was something else indeed even though it was just samples. I had to ask him for his item just to post for all of you, so you can hear what I'm writing about.

Now I can't wait for an album... I hope there's an album... Please let there be an album coming...

Download sample here:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

...::: Chilz :::...

Owner of 7LW7LYZ (Alwayz) ENTERTAINMENT and producer of 'Multi-Genric' music.

Chilz is a box full of talent with a video that premiered on MTV in Aug '09 (see it here: and an album out called A World at War, but thats not what this blog post is about.

"First Breath", he's own specialized genre of music, so he tells me, is breath taking. At first listen It has a bit of RnB but there's some House and Elektro..... infact, it actually is his own genre.
He gave me the instrumentals to listen to so I had time to really appreciate the effort that went into making the beats. The sample consistes of just 5 instrumental tracks, namely Globe Dreamin', Push, S.T.A.R, Take My Breath Away and Treat You Better all produced by him.

All 5 of these tracks have a similar aspect to them but are different in style, the similar aspect being the theme of the instrumentals i.e. First Breath. Take My Breath Away in particular littary does what it says... One of the best one's I've heard from him so far.
Listen Here:

Download sample here:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

..:: Die Antwoord vs Jack Parow ::..

The revolution of Afrikaans music. This genre of music is known to be the least favorite, enjoyed by preference which meant it had a small following and only specific radio stations aired it. Many people hardly knew the artists or latest hits to say the least.

Enter Die Antwoord...

Listen Here:

This group totally revolutionalized afrikaans music and the 'interweb' as they call it. Many of their music videos have been uploaded on YouTube with majority of the lyrics being vulgar AND in afrikaans but also very humorous. The song titles range from "Enter the Ninja", "Wat kyk jy?" & "Wat pomp julle" to "Zef side" and "wie maak die jol vol"

Check Out Their website for more infoand videos...

Cooler as Ek...

Then we have Jack Parow of 'Cooler as ek' fame, a very hilarious song in afrikaans which everyone seemed to like. Major radio stations such as Yfm (which I never thought would actually playlist such) play that song till this day. The best lines of the song for me are: "Jy dink jy's cooler as ekke want jy rook Yves Saint Laurent sigarette" & "Jy dink jy's cooler as ek want jy's elke jaar by die J&B Met"

Catch him on MySpace for info and audio streaming...

So who really best represents die NEW skool of Afrikaans music?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

...::: Deuces Video :::...

The minute I heard the song Deuces by Chris Brown ft Tyga and Kevin McCall i started wondering... "who exactly is this song about?" seems like I wasn't the only one who was curious, in fact many have concluded that it's dedicated to Rihanna (his ex girlfriend, in case you were living in a hue rock all this time).

Besides that fact, the song really is great and his collaboration with Tyga really brought out the best in him, even though I'm not so enthusiastic about Chris' rapping on other songs he shares with Tyga.

The video I totally loved, the black & white as well as the simplistic theme does the video justice and of course the dancing, which I personally thought was a tad bit too much as he practically danced to everything but then again it is Chris Brown...

Watch It Here...

Friday, July 16, 2010

..:: Excuse Me ::..

Yal Ent. Presents 'Excuse Me' By The Konsept and Mr. Vuittots

So I was listening to the 19 tracks + intro and outro that are included in this mixtape and at first i asked myself "why the hell is he rapping over American beats?" so i pretty much responded to every single track that way.
Then I got that 'aha!' moment when i decide to listen again this time focusing more on the rap abilities of the artist and how he was able to flow to a different and already used beat.
Although this does not really prove originality but it promotes skill and rap capacity as well as versatility and so i based my review on those reasons.

Let me start with the Rude Boy remake. Firstly, the singing really threw me off a little but the rap made a recovery and I feel that there should have been more of that in it.
I personally loved the Interlude, as short as it was, in fact I wish it was a full track the beat and what The Konsept could have have brought would've been too ill.
I loved track 9- Konsept is back, the flow and the fusion of his rap into the Nicki Minaj- massive Attack beat i feel he did really great.
Listen here:

Overall there where disadvantages due to high expectation that one may have regarding the beat used but judging by the lyrical content and combined flow, The Konsept has that rap versatility and should really include that as well as creativity in his next mixtape.

Listen for yourself... Download the mixtape here:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flow-BotiK ft KT - Put em UP

Truly South Africa's HipHop talent is raw but in abundence, the featured track I find to be more professionally sounding, well composed/put together AND it has ClubBanger potential. I'd like to see this getting more airplay on local radio stations and the likes.

Click On link below to Download this track by Flow-Botik (aka Kealeboga 'Swiss' Moroe & Dumi Chronic Walaza) featuring KT of the Sotho Mafia.

Tell us what YOU think....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

...::: Profile :::...

Listen Here:

Bio: House DJ, Music Mixer for Hip-hop Dance Crews and Graphic Designer
Full Name: Cayama Setshego
Gender: Male
Birthday: 14 May
Star Sign: Taurus
Address: Attridgeville, Pretoria.
Education: College Campus
Work: Freelance

Contact details

Quotes: “the best things in life are free BUT MAKE SURE THAT THOSE THINGS ARE OF BEST QUALITY”

AKA- 24.7.366 EP

Okay kids, an EP stands for Extended Play which is usually released before a full album just to give the fans a taste of what is coming. Now you know...

Real name Kiernan he is South Africa's Best New Comer according too our very own Hiphop award ceremony, The Hype Awards. AKA is part of The I.V League the production powerhouse known to produce the illest HipHop music. He has has finally released his EP titled 24/7/366 which consits of 12 Tracks including most likely popular hit "Do It". I had a chance to listen to his work and I must say, I really am impressed. Now it wouldent be fair of me to review music without giving valid reason right? well here goes...

As a whole, the EP is Explosive! A versitile mix of different concepts/experimenting with different beats really comes together to enhance the lyrical content which is also on it's own level,from tracks such as "High School Cool" & "In My Walk" to "Cant Wait" & "Out like That" but one track that i feel everyone can relate to is "Mistakes".

I was most impressed by track 05- 'I want it all' featuring the likes of Pro and Khuli, it really has that vernec mix which is blended almost perfectly with the beat making a sick flow. This is one of the tracks you blast full volume in your car driving to the store just down the road!
Listen Here:

The standard set here is a high one and his full album should meet and surpass this.

Where to download the EP:

Where to find The I.V League:

Monday, July 5, 2010

...::: Welcome :::...

Music has always been the best communicator, a language of its own that all people understand and can relate to. We all share a love for music, be it the Rythem, lyrics or the voice we all seem to relate to THAT type of language which is a good thing as it provides common ground for such a diverse nation as South Africa.

That Music Room, a blog which explores the sharing of musical ideas and opinions according to preference. This can range from House, RnB, HipHop, Kwaito, Classical and the likes, both locally and internationally.
That Music Room is about having fun and enjoying the music as if it had a life of its own, it's also about giving up and coming musicians the opportunity to broadcast their talents and find favor with the audience the same way musical legends do.

What I hope to acheive with this blog is unity through music, something that everyone loves no matter the genre and if we can all relate on that level, whats to stop South Africa from producing music at an international level?

So feel free to share opinions on what YOU like and what moves your soul or what makes you dance.