Wednesday, April 13, 2011

...::: Soletek Urban Sole :::...

This is indeed a long awaited post...

Yes this is Soletek Urban Sole, A student at Soulcandi Institute and signed to BBB (Brass, Breaks & Beats) Music/Universal Music SA as a House DJ.
His original works include ‘Black Gold’ [included on DJ Shimza - The Next Big Thing 312] and ‘Uhuru Soul’ [on Urban Sole Records] plus a list of remixes that he's worked on.

He's currently working on an Album due to be released in about a week from now featuring House acts such as  Liquideed, Antonio David Lyons, Infinite Boys, Ladybird Paris and more. One of his tracks though is featured on the YFM "Hot 99" - Brand New Day ft Liquideep, YES! That one!

I must admit his music has a tribal/urban fusion which he brings together so well and his coherence with the mixes is beautifully done. He is, no doubt, A talented up-and-coming DJ and might just suprise many.
Keep an eye out.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

...::: CASH :::...

On a previous post I did a profile on CASH as an artist, his ambitions, his achievements and who he is personally.

On this post I review 3 of his tracks found on his ReverbNation page Here.

First one up is Turn You On ft Joelle (produced by KZo). This track I must say I liked the most with an RnB sound the production is quite good. The vocals are well done and the flow is coherent, the hook is quite catchy and I love the way it's all put together including the pause before the last hook.
Overall the track is good, personally it ended quite abruptly and I found myself sitting in silence before I noticed the track is finished.

Second one up is They Know (produced by Black Pistol + KZo). The vernac mix won the hook on this one is cool, adds a bit of flavor to the track. I found the vocal sound to be a tad bit overwhelming, The beat production is good (when you mute out the vocals in your head). The ending was nicely done though and overall this is a nice track even though it came off a bit too 'Loud" (too much) with the vocal + beat sound.

Third and last one up is He No Easy ft K9 and Sexy (produced by KZo). From the onset I knew this song had to have a relatable feel to it or at least a certain familiarity about it that would make it easier to listen to and from the track name yo kinda get an idea. The verses are well put and relevant to the track and they're coherent to the beat and flow. The melody is okay although the hook/chorus came off a bit weak or rather not as expected compared to the verses. Overall the track gels pretty well even though I wished for a stronger/more relevant hook.

Let me know what you think, comment below.

Monday, February 28, 2011

...::: Lights :::...

Andre, Tags and G.O.R.E bring you another hit! "LIGHTS" (Produced by The Dutchman himself)
The song is a definate club banger on another level of music, the artistry is amaizing not to mention beat production. Honestly they make a great team and this song has me rocking my head back and forth.

What do ya'll think?

Download the song HERE

Or catch The Duchman on his official facebook page for more of his work HERE

Thursday, December 2, 2010

...::: Profile :::...


A member of dem Crackboys, CASH is hiphop solo artist who is executively produced by KZo and are collectively known as"weboutdatcashflow" a lifestyle and a movement!

Courage Ambition Strength Hustle makes CASH,hiphop artist and producer from South Africa. Born in the city of gold, Johannesburg and raised in Mthatha,EC, CASH represents the new breed of African musicians. CASH is inspired by change and diversity and is the voice of the future.

CASH is a former member of The Pyramid (Who hit no.1 on the Metro FM National Hiphop charts with their smash hit Never be the Same in 2006-2007) and founded The Monopoly(infamous for theunderground hit Nigga Please in 2008) and also founded the rap group Dem Crackboys( Nominated for a Channel O music video award for the smash hit Izandla Phezulu in 2010).

CASH is currently working with superproducer KZo on a joint venture called #Weboutdatcashflow to be released in Nov/Dec 2010.

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Downloads, performance dates and his bio are found on his webpage here 
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

...::: Open Call :::...

That Music Room has decided to open the floor to all artists that would like the blog to write-up a post on the and their music.
In the past few months that the blog has been running we have given so many other local and/or underground artist some exposure. This doesn't necessarily ensure an artists fame (especially if the artist is relying on whatever promotion we provide instead of self-exposure aswell). However, this does build an esteem and draws a crowd to your music.
That music Room aims to provide that stepping stone for non-recognized artists and expand the fanbase of Famous artists.

For those who would like to have their music featuredon the blog please email with a brief decribtion of your music and a samle downloadable track that the blog will showcase.
Spread the word and get your music out there.

Monday, September 13, 2010

...::: The Dutchman Chronicles :::...

So I've been nagging Michael Kanyama aka "DuTch" to send me a sample of his art so I could share the amazing talent that he is known for especially when it comes to the illest beat production. Under the name The Dutchman Chronicles a fan page on facebook where he illustrates his skill in some of his works with other artists inclusive of his own but one track particularly chosen to be put up on the blog is called Techno Luvin, Featuring Andre ( Tapiwa Chinyanda) Nadia Nakai Kandava and Tags Produced by Dutch himself and Tags

Both Personally and Professionally I could mention alot of things that impressed me about the track especially the collaboration and overall theme of the song not to mention the quality of the sound and the actual beat. Very catchy hook I must say, definately on that international standard of music with capabilities of improvement.

To keep things objective, I'll let you listen and comment or give an opinion...
Download the track Here.

Visit Facebook official Fan Page The Dutchman Chronicles

Monday, August 30, 2010

...::: Black Money :::...

Mainly consisting of Ntha-C, Mo, Lwazi and Q, Black Money "represents a new & innovative era in the pursuit and production of impeccable and quality hip-hop music and a lifestyle associated with the hip-hop culture" a quote from their website.

A recent performance that I was able to attend was at Latinova for the Kings of Swag: 1st Anniversary which was on friday the 13th...
I liked how they interacted with the crowed as well as how they owned the stage. The hype created was good especially with the ladies and free items *lol*
The songs they performed were WTF, Hot new thing, Everyone knows & How? of which are some material on their upcoming mixtape, which I'll be looking out for of course. The track I liked the most icluding it's performance and crowd reaction was WTF, It actually had me going WTF? on the real. Unfortunately I couldn't get ahold of a sample track for you so you'll have to take my word for it.
All in all it wasn't at all a bad performance, look forward to an improved one and their mixtape.

Check the website out Here